Less is more

Skills afford you a trade. A trade affords you an income. An income affords you a livelihood.

The year was 2009 and it was NYSC service year. The place was Bokkos local government area in Plateau State, Nigeria

There was no single bank in Bokkos at the time. Well, there was, but it was a makeshift shed at the time. United Bank for Africa was going to be the first bank in Bokkos, and as corps members, we were going to be one of their first customers in Bokkos. We didn’t have the luxury of choice.

That year, while we…

They say when you wake up is your morning! In October 2020, 60 years after independence, Nigerian Youths woke up.

Good morning.

Now that we are awake, what shall we pursue? To what shall we give our boundless energy?

It has been 3 days of peaceful protests. Peaceful protests that the Nigeria Police, sworn to protect life and property, have also somehow managed to turn into mourning.

The body language of the leadership sings one song, while the songs from their lips sing another. …

Ayodeji Ademola Agboola

Triple A for Short. Husband. Dad. CEO, FlyMyAds. Passionate about sustenance and development.

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