Carpe Diem. Seize the day!

Ayodeji Ademola Agboola
2 min readOct 13, 2020


They say when you wake up is your morning! In October 2020, 60 years after independence, Nigerian Youths woke up.

Good morning.

Now that we are awake, what shall we pursue? To what shall we give our boundless energy?

It has been 3 days of peaceful protests. Peaceful protests that the Nigeria Police, sworn to protect life and property, have also somehow managed to turn into mourning.

The body language of the leadership sings one song, while the songs from their lips sing another. We’ve heard all these songs before, and this morning, this very great morning, we want to sing our own tune!

We are young and vibrant, we are tech and savvy, we are tired of dull tunes, we are tired of being 3rd rate citizens in the world, because some old hands are too tired to clean up their acts. We are taking our future into our own hands. We are not standing down, we are not sitting idle either. We are the third force you never saw coming, and we have come to take you by surprise, even to our own surprise.

We are seizing the day, and running with it, we are what you promised but never fulfilled, and we are here to fulfil it.

Fam, the visible outcome of our struggle is already a united front. This united front must become a spear that will clear the way for the future of our dreams and those of our young children.

Like bitcoin, we will remain decentralized. Our unity will remain our power, and this, no one can ever break.

This October, the 60th as we have been told, will be the beginning of our success. The journey to our dreams is still long. And it will be hard. But we have the energy, and the tenacity, the type that will shock us, shock them and shock the world.

Abi wetin we gain if we no stand up?

We are the third force, you never saw coming.

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Ayodeji Ademola Agboola

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